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  • Plant tissue grinding instrument,Tissuelyser-192
Plant tissue grinding instrument,Tissuelyser-192

Plant tissue grinding instrument,Tissuelyser-192

  • Plant tissue grinding instrument
  • Tissuelyser-192
  • Product description: LAWSON Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of Tissuelyser-192, plant tissue grinder, grinding machine plant tissue, the plant tissue grinder, multi sample grinding instrume

LAWSON,Tissuelyser-192 The plant tissue grinding apparatus is a special, fast, efficient and multi tube consistent system. It can be any sources (including soil, plant and animal tissues / organs, bacteria, yeast, fungi, spores, paleontological specimens) of the original DNA, RNA and protein were extracted and purified.

Tissuelyser-192 Compared with other sample preparation methods at present, the plant tissue grinding apparatus has the advantages of versatility, high efficiency and flexibility. The system avoids many disadvantages such as laborious, time-consuming and low efficiency of traditional methods such as grinding, homogenization and ultrasonic treatment. It can efficiently and rapidly cleave and purify nucleic acids and proteins of various types of samples.

Abrasive sample:

1.Plant tissue: roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and so on

2.Animal tissues: brain, heart, lung, stomach, liver, thymus, kidney, intestine, lymph node, muscle, bone

3.Fungi and bacteria: yeast, Escherichia coli, etc.

4.Food and medicine: all kinds of food, tablets and so on

5.Volatile samples: coal, oil shale, wax products, etc.

6.Plastics, polymers: PE, PS, textiles, resins, etc.

Tissuelyser-192 The plant tissue grinding machine adopts a special vertical up and down vibration mode, through the grinding beads (zirconia, steel ball, glass beads, ceramic beads) high-frequency reciprocating vibration, impact, shear. Fast implementation. The grinding sample has more full, more uniform, better sample repeatability, no cross contamination between samples.

The operation quantity is many, the effect is good

It can finish 2 x 24, 2 X 48, 4 x 96 sample grinding in 1 minutes with many operations, good effect and high efficiency. Save time and effort, batch, small difference within the batch. The extracted protein is higher than alive, and the nucleic acid fragment is longer.

No cross contamination

The sample tube is totally closed in the process of crushing, and the centrifugal tube and bead can be used. The samples are completely preserved in the tube to avoid cross contamination between samples and external pollution.

Easy operation

1.The built-in program controller can set parameters such as grinding time and vibration frequency of rotor;

2.Humanized operation interface。

Good stability

1.Using vertical oscillation mode, grinding more fully, better stability;
2.During the operation of the instrument, the noise is less than 55dB, and it will not interfere with other experiments or instruments.

Convenient low temperature operation

When low temperature grinding environment, will be a sample of the adapter is immersed in liquid nitrogen cooling for 1-2 minutes, after taking out to host a quick fix to start grinding, not need to save the liquid nitrogen freezing treatment.

Good repeatability

The same procedure was applied to the same tissue sample to obtain the same grinding effect. The working time is short and the sample temperature will not rise.

Application area

Tissue grinding, homogenization, cell disruption, homogenate, material dispersion, preparation, sample mixing, oscillation and so on

Processing capacity

The maximum amount of processing within 15 seconds can also handle 192 samples, including 12 and 24 bit liquid nitrogen adapters

Compatible sample book

384*(0.2-0.5ML) /192*2ML /48*5ML/24*(7-15)ML  /4*25ML  /2*50ML/2*100ML,Can be customized arbitrary specifications of grinding tube

Display mode

LCD display, touch screen display (upgrade)

Shock proof principle

German patent schleifen-1 working principle of patented anti shock principle, as well as up and down and left and right sloshing three dimensional movement mode patent grinding beads movement mode, to ensure the maximization of sample processing and instant crushing effect.

Maximum feed size

No requirement, adjust according to adapter

Final discharge size


Number of grinding platforms

1-2 (can accept grinding tank)

Sample number

2X48 (1-2ml), 4x96 (0.5ml tube), 2x70 (0.5ml single tube), 2x24 (5ml)


Configurable grinding tank volume 8ml / 10ml / 25 ml / 50ml / 100ml / (optional)

Number of grinding tanks

8ml*8 / 10ml*8 / 25 ml*4 / 50ml*2 / 100ml*2 (optional)

Fastening device

With automatic center location

Homogeneous velocity

0~70 Hz/s,Working time: 0 seconds to 99 minutes, the user can set it yourself

Diameter of lapping ball


Abrasive ball material

Alloy steel, chromium, zirconium oxide, tungsten carbide, quartz sand


Maximum speed in 2 seconds


Reach the minimum speed in 2 seconds

Noise level


Lapping method

Wet grinding, dry grinding and low temperature grinding are both available

Constant temperature can be matched

Has the ability to upgrade to ultra low temperature liquid nitrogen refrigeration or air refrigerator refrigeration

Adapter material

PTFE and alloy steel

Safety instructions

Fastening device with automatic center positioning of the safety lock, full protection

Grinding kit material

Just hard, and PTFE (Teflon), zirconium oxide

Outline size



60 Kg





Ø2ml*1 set

Refrigeration adapter

*1 set or Ø1.5ml*1 set(2, 1)

Abrasive beads

1.Ø5 imported stainless steel grinding beads 1000 or Ø5 imported ceramic grinding beads 1000 (2, 1);
2.Ø3 imported stainless steel grinding beads 1000.

Special grinding tube

200 pcs

Special abrasive bead gun

1 set (Optional)

Extract object: animal tissue-DNA

LW-D-P1(Choose to buy)

Extract object: animal tissue-RNA

LW-D-P2(Choose to buy)

Extracted object: animal tissue- Protein

LW-D-P3(Choose to buy)

Extract object: plant tissue-DNA

LW-Z-P1(Choose to buy)

Extract object: plant tissue-RNA

LW-Z-P2(Choose to buy)

Extract object: plant tissue-Protein

LW-Z-P3(Choose to buy)

Extract object: microorganism-DNA

LW-W-P1(Choose to buy)

Extract object: microorganism-RNA

LW-W-P2(Choose to buy)

Extract object: microorganism-Protein

LW-W-P3(Choose to buy)

1.LW kit can be used for rapid, efficient, stable and batch extraction of DNA/RNA protein in samples.

2. 1Hz=30RPM/S / 1Hz=100RPM

3.Regular adapters can be placed in the refrigerator to provide a cold environment for the sample at work. Adapter with refrigeration can be soaked in liquid nitrogen for more than thirty minutes.

4.The noise emission value for the working environment depends on the type of the sample and the setting of the grinding apparatus. The parameters in the table are no-load.

5.Usually for a small number of samples DNA and RNA separation can be prepared in disposable microcentrifuge tube. The adapter made of PTFE material, containing 5 or 10 disposable sample tube, cells were broken. In the sample of tissue grinder tissue quickly and efficiently broken in a very short period of time, so there is no need to extra low temperature refrigeration.

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