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Make your experiment easier and make your lab more sophisticated

Focus on laboratory and life science instruments

Provide professional experimental solutions for scientific research clients

Aim at quality and develop with innovation

Constantly improve quality and service, thus achieving customers

Innovation and technology, leading technology

We are committed to providing customers with sample pretreatment - purification - analysis of a complete set of instrument consumables, and can be customized to a one-stop solution.

LAWSON (locham China) is a company that integrates research, development, production, sales and service of laboratory instruments. Located in ningbo city, zhejiang province, the company is an independent innovation and vigorous enterprise. Company since its inception, has been pursuing the principle of good faith management, is committed to product design and excellent product quality, thoughtful, subtle service, high cost performance products, adhere to the goal of win-win with customers, adhere to the concept of creating value for customers, on the way of common persistence.

LAWSON is focus on product quality, pay attention to product details, adhering to the "make you more convenient experiment, make your lab more delicate" tenet, in product design and production of every detail from the user demand, to create a more relaxed, simple, stable, efficient and comfortable laboratory hardware environment and positive efforts.

LAWSON has a professional r&d and production conditions, which can be customized according to your specific needs, and provide customers with comprehensive OEM products. Provide customized equipment to meet customer's requirement. Also provide the design service of the instrument panel that you specify the LOGO, and provide the complete product packaging and instruction. Our technical support and services department can take care of all users. Provide required technical consultation and warranty maintenance.

LAWSON, products include: ultrasonic broken instrument, dry type thermostat, thermostat metal bath, thermostatic mixing apparatus, centrifuge, blowing nitrogen, sterile homogenizer, autoclave, viscometer, purple foreign league apparatus, high and low temperature thermostat series, etc.

Ningbo loshang intelligent technology co., LTD. (LAWSON) is a company dedicated to research and development, production and sales of laboratory instruments. Located in ningbo city, zhejiang province, the company is an independent innovation and vigorous enterprise. LAWSON is focus on product quality, pay attention to product details, adhering to the "make you more convenient experiment, make your lab more delicate" tenet, in product design and production of every detail from the consumer demand, to create a more relaxed, more simple, more stable, more efficiency and more comfortable laboratory hardware environment. The company insists on creating values for customers. Since its establishment, LAWSON has been adhering to the principle of good faith management and has been working hard and never giving up. With excellent product quality, considerate service quality and high product cost performance, lawspirit is committed to the goal of win-win cooperation with customers and persevering in the common road. Our products include: ultrasonic broken instrument, dry type thermostat, thermostat metal bath), constant temperature and mixed instrument, centrifuge, blowing nitrogen, sterile homogenizer, autoclave, viscometer, high low temperature constant temperature trough series and so on. The application field covers: food safety, medical analysis, environmental monitoring, clinical testing, judicial appraisal, electronics, textile, petrochemical and other industries. It can provide users with pre-treatment and purification - analysis of related equipment consumable products, and can be customized to develop the separation materials and pretreatment equipment according to user requirements.

Most of our clients are at the forefront of new technology research, development of new products, advanced education research, new production techniques and high-precision testing. Our products are widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical processing, biotechnology, agricultural chemistry, pharmaceutical, food and laboratory technology.

The company to provide users with equipment installation, debugging and maintenance and also to provide users with technical exchange platform, technical solutions consulting, application equipment and non-standard equipment design and manufacturing, etc. The company has set up an office in Beijing, guangzhou, xi 'an, wuhan and other cities. The company has been pursuing "quality as the goal and innovation for development". We are determined to provide better products and services for our customers through our joint efforts.

LAWSON is a collection of research, design, production and sales of ultrasonic equipment professional manufacturers, with product quality as the core enterprise, in its own brand products, the company has worked with many famous enterprises at home and abroad.

Ultrasound equipment company has set more than ten years production experience, the ultrasound equipment design and production of a variety of specifications, constantly develop new products, improve greatly the extremely tired before ultrasonic noise, improves the conversion efficiency of ultrasonic. Product categories include: ultrasonic nano processing preparation instrument, ultrasonic processor, laboratory bench ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic cell broken meter, ultrasonic emulsification instrument, industrial ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic accessories, ultrasound equipment and so on. Its products are widely used in higher universities and colleges, scientific research institutions, sewage treatment, powder materials, chemical engineering, environmental testing, optical industry, aerospace industry, hardware industry, automobile manufacturing and other industries. "high technology, high quality, excellent after-sales service" is the analysis of the company's tenet. The company has a number of teams dedicated to the development, development and production of ultrasonic instruments; To provide clients with professional experiments to the production plan and technical consulting, design, modification and upgrade, provide the best solution and other technical services, guarantee the perfect professional pre-sale, sale, after-sales service. We will provide comprehensive ultrasonic equipment and services for our customers.

Business philosophy:

Adhere to establish "constantly improve the quality and service, thus achievement customers" business philosophy, by providing quality products and service, help customers to make the biggest achievement bring them more additional value, is the source of the success of our company.

Enterprise spirit:

Integrity respect, solidarity dedication, harmonious innovation, pursuit of excellence.

Brand concept:

To be the supplier of quality products, the leader of industry technology, and the holder of high quality image.

Ningbo LAWSON is a professional laboratory instrument and life science instrument research and development, production, sales and service enterprises. Companies adhere to the "improve quality and service, to make customer" management idea, established the customer as the center of the rapid response and feedback mechanism, formed in "the good faith, respect, achievement, innovation" the enterprise culture. Obtained ISO9001 and ISO13485 certification of France international quality certification (BV) company.

Our main products are ultrasonic broken instrument, dry thermostat (thermostat metal bath) series, constant temperature and mixed instrument, homogenizer, centrifuge, blowing nitrogen, autoclave, hybrid meter and other products. Company has always been for the purpose of scientific and technological innovation, international cooperation and the introduction of combination, in the design concept of differentiation, is a leading innovation, continuous research and development and production technology and special equipment life science laboratory.

Honesty, respect for employees, customers, innovation forever, through the tireless efforts of all staff, the company after years of development, new products constantly, the company to sell the market expanded year by year, and has established extensive sales network all over the world. The products are sold to the United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan, southeast Asia, South America, Middle East and other places, and steadily won the full recognition of the laboratories of the developed countries.

LAWSON mall distribution

Ten years of hard work is the best service for the future

Make professional instrument procurement easier

Mainly engaged in the laboratory instruments and equipment and imported equipment, sales agent at home and abroad has won several classic the great support of laboratory equipment manufacturers, and get level agents, or qualification of distribute of engage by special arrangement, even the exercise of the manufacturer's authorized part promotion, sales, maintenance, services such as responsibility, in spite of this, we will according to market research results, have screened more high quality classic laboratory instrument manufacturers, as the supplier of the company, the promotion of quality products and services laboratory instrument industry.

The website "LAWSON mall" is the website of ningbo loshang intelligent technology co., LTD., which is responsible for online sales.

Our strengths:

1. A large number of instrument information resources, excellent customer service team

2. Precise screening function, selection of instrument is faster and more accurate

3. Support alipay payment, pay more security

Service commitment:

1. The LAWSON mall assures you that the goods you sell are authentic, and issue 17% VAT invoice to be sent after delivery. With quality assurance certificate and invoice, you can enjoy the national insurance service.

2. The LAWSON mall offers competitive prices for you. Please feel free to buy it!

3. The sales of products are not limited to areas (limited to regional products), and our customers are all over the country.

Introduction to LAWSON mall:

"LAWSON mall" (http://www.lawsonsmart.com/) is specialized is engaged in the laboratory, chemical analysis, determination of physical properties, life science instrument production, agents, and direct. LAWSON mall with domestic and international numerous well-known instrumentation products in the field of China agent permissions, and a good international procurement team, for domestic companies to provide high performance of domestic and imported instrumentation equipment.

Instrument city since its inception with the professional technical service team, large storage base and perfect system of agent business has developed rapidly, the communist party organization, institutions and domestic well-known enterprise has become a city long-term cooperation partners, instrument city through online direct marketing system and distribution network all over the country, and to maximize the compressed the commodity circulation link, the independent brand road, greatly reduces the customer purchase cost, become the industry well-known instrument integration suppliers.

Company with strong technical strength and good reputation, with the domestic and foreign well-known Shanghai spectrum instruments products manufacturers, Shanghai sanxin, suzhou, kunshan Sue beauty, Shanghai standard mold, Shanghai company, jiangnan yunghsin, Shanghai jing department (points, flat, ray on magnetic and light), Switzerland mettler, dolly,,, from shimadzu Germany WTW, Italian hanard, pentax, Germany, Japan's sanyo, Germany IKA, bo le fly and other companies to establish a long-term and stable technical and business cooperation. The Internet can provide more than 400 well-known brands, more than 200 kinds of products, more than 30,000 kinds of technical data and business information for you to choose from. With automatic selection, technical questions and answers, inventory query, online inquiry, online orders, third-party payment, online bank to pay, and other functions, build affordable and convenient online shopping environment for the user.

Lawless China is a new professional company specializing in the import of laboratory instruments and equipment, acting as an agent and distributor of many international and domestic famous brand instruments and equipment. The company insists on the quality service, the preferential price, provides you the perfect solution; Use advanced scientific instruments to improve the quality of your lab. For a long time, we always will give top priority to product quality and excellent service, every year hold many technical training, product technical service exchange activities, won the trust and support of users. Company customers throughout research institutes, colleges and universities, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, drug testing, food, beverage, electric power, electronics, iron and steel, agriculture and animal husbandry, environment protection, measurement, quality inspection, the entry and exit, CDC, and many other areas, the company has repeatedly in the government, universities, research institutes, enterprises procurement bidding in the bidding, in the user enjoys a good reputation.

The company has a group of experienced, full of vitality and passion to the work of the excellent sales and service engineers, this is not only the driving force for the development of the company steadily, also be the assurance that provides the high-quality service for the users. The company wholeheartedly for the majority of users with high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service, in a timely manner to the most advanced scientific instruments and leading technology to the masses of users, let users are at the forefront of technological progress, help users career flying, and users to create a better future.

Ningbo loshang intelligent technology co., LTD. Is located in ningbo hi-tech development zone, convenient transportation, and welcome all new and old customers to inquire and patronize!

Ningbo los is intelligent technology co., LTD, is a mettler Toledo level agents, the company since its inception, has been responsible for mettler Toledo, analytical instruments, electronic balance, acidity meter and ruining (RAININ) pipetting device and other products in designated areas of sales and service. The company has won many awards, including the excellent partner award, the honor partner gold award, the market development award, and the China sales elite award.

Mettler Toledo is a global leader in weighing technology and laboratory weighing technology. It is the world's leading precision instrument manufacturer and has been trusted and supported by users for many years. Mettler Toledo group has always been to advanced science and technology for development, committed to the development of new products and applications, such as weighing technology and equipment in the world always has a leading position in the field of new technologies and new products.


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